Excellent Work At St George’s

I wanted to pass on my thanks for your excellent work here at St George’s last week. We were all pleased at how smoothly the installation went, in spite of the very short timeframe, and less than ideal IT infrastructure, … Read More

Falls Prevention Day at South Warwickshire Hospital

Glen Burley, chief executive of South Warwickshire Hospital, cuts a cake for nursing staff as we celebrate International Nurses’ Day. It wasn’t all about cake, however, as Mr. Burley and Matron Jane Tedstone visited Mary Ward to see some of … Read More

Throne project reducing falls in Colchester’s hospitals’ toilets gets national recognition

A nurse from Colchester has been invited to speak at a national conference about a scheme to reduce falls in hospital toilets. Falls prevention nurse Carrie Tyler, along with occupational therapists Sarah Marsden and Laura Murton, introduced the Throne Project … Read More

Tags could improve safety for newborns

An expert on infant abduction, who has dealt with hundreds of hospitals worldwide, says more of them are electronically tagging babies to prevent them from being snatched. Middlemore Hospital says it is considering the move after a five-day-old baby girl … Read More

The Portland Hospital for Women and Children

The Need The Portland Hospital is the only private hospital in the United Kingdom entirely dedicated to women and children. The hospital needed a patient security system that could be integrated with a range of other security systems, including access … Read More

Only the best for baby Eric Cowell

MT @simoncowell: Mum, Dad and Eric. Now two days old. [Thrilled that Hugs tag helped keep little Eric safe!] — STANLEY Healthcare (@stanleyhealth) February 18, 2014

Houston Hospital Gives Baby To Wrong Mother To Breastfeed

The chair keeping elderly patients safe

LINK to original BBC News article When Katerina stands up her chair asks her to sit down and wait until help arrives Katerina Hristovska is frail and not meant to get up from her chair or bed unaided. She speaks … Read More

FULLY-SEALED reusable Bed and Chair Sensor Pads

Are you already using TABS BED and CHAIR Falls Prevention Monitors as part of your hospital’s Falls Prevention Programme? If so, Turun UK Ltd is proud to introduce our new FULLY-SEALED reusable Bed and Chair Sensor Pads to our product … Read MoreRead More