• TABS® Fall Monitors

    The solution for fall management in hospitals.

  • HUGS™ Infant Protection

    Trusted by hundreds of hospitals worldwide, the Hugs™ system offers the reliability you need.


When monitoring for fall risk, use an intelligent sensor pad that adjusts itself to work under the mattress and reduce pressure risk. The STEALTH™ Wired Under Mattress Pad can provide your residents with better comfort and improved infection risk management.

TABS® Fall Monitor

TABS® is an effective solution for individuals at risk of falls. Monitoring options are available for chairs, wheelchairs, bed and toilet. Every patient is unique, so we offer a range of models and features for individualised patient care plans.

Fall Sensor Pads

Cost effective sensor pads that can play a crucial role in your falls reduction and infection management programmes, All of our pads are made of quality materials and backed by a company you can trust before and after the sale.


RoamAlert® Wander Alert

The RoamAlert® system is a proven solution for protecting patients prone to wandering. With multiple signalling devices to choose from and many options for installation, you can build the right solution for your facility.

Catch-All™ Door Alarms

Catch-All non-selective door alarms alert staff whenever an unauthorized person opens a door monitored by a Catch-All alarm. Catch-All alarms are easy to install and are an economical solution for doors when complete traffic control is desired. They are often used at remote locations that are not clearly visible or accessible by staff. Catch-All alarms can also be integrated with WanderGuard wired and wireless remote annunciators.


HUGS® Infant Protection

Newborn infants require special protection to keep them safe from abduction and mother/infant mismatches. Abductions can occur anywhere in the hospital. The Hugs™ tag attaches in seconds and is automatically enrolled in the software. Protection can start right in the delivery room.



The recent addition to our product portfolio is the market leading Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions from AeroScout. These RTLS solutions provide visibility into the location, status and condition of assets, patients and staff throughout all departments of a hospital or healthcare organization.

AeroScout’s modular and scalable applications leverage clients’ existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and integrate with many healthcare IT software systems.