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HUGS Infant Protection Overview

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The Most Trusted Solution for Infant Protection

Newborn infants require special protection to keep them safe from abduction and mother/infant mismatches. Abductions can occur anywhere in the hospital.

Solution Overview

The new generation of the Hugs Infant Protection solution leverages Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide hospital-wide protection against infant abduction and mother/infant mismatches.
The Hugs solution enables hospitals & healthcare organizations to:

  • Provide hospital-wide protection for infants against abduction
  • Support the correct matching of mothers and infants
  • Keep staff at all levels informed of patient status
  • Protect multiple buildings and sites with a single enterprise solution

Solution Benefits

The Hugs solution provides the most comprehensive protection to infants, with multiple features and options that expand security, increase patient safety and support efficient workflow:

Multi-layered Infant Protection

Exits from the Obstetrics Unit are monitored to detect unauthorized egress; the Hugs tag generates an alert if the band securing the tag to the infant is cut or detached; each Hugs tag is continually supervised to confirm that the infant is protected; and finally the solution can generate an Out of Unit alert if an infant is detected outside the Obstetrics Unit without authorization.

Automatic and Audible Mother/Infant Matching

The optional Kisses® component provides automatic matching of mothers and infants. When an infant is brought to a mother, the Hugs tag checks for a correct match; if it is not the right mother, the tag immediately generates an audible alert and sends a message to the system.

Additional Safety, Security & Operational Efficiency Options

As part of our Real-Time Location System (RTLS) platform, the Hugs system also enables hospitals to add additional safety, security and efficiency solutions, including Environmental Monitoring, Asset Tracking, Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring, Staff Assist and Patient Elopement, and Clinical Operations & Workflow.

Our Hugs™ Value Proposition

Easy-attach tag with automatic enrolment

The Hugs™ tag attaches in seconds and is automatically enrolled in the software. Protection can start right in the delivery room.

No manual tests

The Hugs™ system requires no manual testing of infant tags or other devices to make sure they’re working. The Hugs™ software continually monitors the status of all devices, and will generate an alarm if something goes wrong.

Automatic mother/infant matching

With the Kisses™ option, the Hugs™ system automatically alerts you if the wrong baby is brought to the wrong mother. There are no numbers to match and no wall-mounted lamps to check.

Support now, and in the future

Turun UK is with you every step of the way as you implement and use your system, with a wide range of materials and services.

User friendly

The Hugs™ system offers a wide range of viewing options. Users see only the menus and commands they need, all in a standard Windows® environment.

Full supervision

The Hugs™ system ensures full supervision of all components, including the tag, with each tag sending a Heartbeat™ status message every 10 seconds. If the system doesn’t receive these messages for a specified time period, an alarm is automatically generated.