All the advanced features of the Hugs system have been carefully designed to produce specific benefits for the user.

True active system
Hugs tags communicate with the system every 10 seconds, and system components are fully supervised. The system will even alert you if the tag is not securely attached.

  • Never worry about whether or not the system is working: it will tell you of problems.
  • You know right away if a Hugs tag is losing battery power.
  • The BabySense™ feature alerts you if the tag is not securely on the infant, giving you timely notice to tighten it.

Auto-enrollment of Hugs tags
Each Hugs tag has a unique ID number, and infant information can be edited.

  • Once the Hugs tag is attached, the infant is instantly and automatically protected.
  • No need to rush back to a PC to enroll the Hugs tag.
  • You don’t have to worry about improperly enrolling a Hugs tag— correct enrolling of a Hugs tag is done for you automatically.
  • Quickly identify infants in the system by name or other unique identifier.
  • You can make important background notes for each infant, for the benefit of all staff , at any time.

Easy-to-use and familiar interface
Windows® based “point-and-click” software.

  • Familiar Windows environment.
  • The system is intuitive and familiar: training is simple and can be done quickly.
  • You instantly see the type of alarm, location of the event, and the unique infant ID involved—eliminates guesswork.

Allows temporary “sign out”
User-specific removal of individual infants.

  • No time wasted in continually having to activate and de-activate the Hugs tag.
  • Every individual infant is protected.
  • Eliminates the possibility of “piggybacking,” a common abduction technique.
  • You and other staff are free to transport multiple infants through protected areas simultaneously.

Offers Kisses® mother/infant matching
Ensures infant is always matched with the right mother.

  • Automatic and audible mismatch indication.
  • Nurse or mom can confirm a match at any time.
  • Final match requirement helps prevent discharge to the wrong family (a Joint Commission Sentinel Event).

Integrated CCTV option
Shows you what actually happened in an alarm.

  • CCTV images are automatically displayed right in the Hugs software when an exit alarm occurs. You are shown exactly what happened at the door.
  • Improves post-alarm analysis—CCTV footage is automatically cross referenced and saved upon an alarm, greatly simplifying analysis of an abduction attempt.

Multi-level user password protection
Each user has a unique password, with different levels of access.

  • Users are only given the commands and information they need to do their job. The user’s unique ID is recorded every time an action is performed at any computer.

Automatic activity logging
Full logging of events, with storage in a Microsoft Access database.

  • You are able to determine which door or stairway is closest to the event if an abduction attempt takes place.
  • Provides you with an audit trail of events for system and alarm analysis.

Baby-friendly tags
Tags are waterproof and ergonomic.

  • The tags do not cause irritation of any kind to the infant.
  • The secure fit means that you don’t have to worry about the tags falling off the infants.
  • No need to remove the tag while washing the infant.
  • The BabySense feature alerts you if the tag is not securely on the infant.

Comprehensive implementation support
Turun will be with you every step of the way with materials and support in the implementation of your infant protection program.

System interfaces easily with most types of security systems

  • Convenient and cost-effective integration for your facility.
  • Compatible with existing security systems.
  • Customizable integrated solution for alarm response.

Installed and supported by local Authorized Dealer

  • Gives you one consistent and convenient point of contact.
  • Ensures that the system complies with local regulations and code.
  • All your system issues are addressed quickly and cost-effectively.