SafePresence systems are affordable, easy-to-use technology products that are designed for caregivers to enable enhanced patient safety and the highest standards of care. Each product in the SafePresence line is backed by a comprehensive program of service and support and has a one-year limited warranty.* Staff are available when you need them 24/7/365!

SAFENBED™ Alert System – It’s not unusual for a person in your care to get up in the middle of the night. But what if something happens and they don’t make it safely back to bed? The discreet SAFENBED™ Alert lets you know – so you can be there to help.  This versatile monitor can also be used with SafePresence Bed or Chair pads to monitor people at risk for falls.

SafePresence® 200 for Falls, Wandering & Communication – A simple system that offers clear voice-to-voice communication with the person in your care.  The SafePresence® 200 allows you to be out of the room, and still be in touch.

SafePresence Bed/Chair pads – Antibacterial bed and chair pads can be used with any of the SafePresence systems to help you reduce the risk of falls.

Treadnought floor mats – Covered by a three year limited warranty, durable, anti-bacterial Treadnought floor mats are built tough for the healthcare environment. Used for reducing falls or monitoring wandering behaviors, Treadnought mats connect with all SafePresence systems as well as most nurse call systems.