SafePresence® Passive Infrared Monitor

Help improve safety with the SafePresence® Passive Infrared Monitor. This unit works by detecting a patient’s movement and sounding a local alarm or transmitting an alert to a remote receiver carried by a caregiver. The unit can be installed to monitor a bed or doorway. For detailed installation instructions for your application, please visit with your sales representative.

The SafePresence® Wireless motion detector uses infrared technology to help reduce concern and keep loved ones  safe. This monitor works by detecting a person’s movement and sounding a local alarm or transmitting an alert to a  wireless portable receiver carried by a caregiver.

Used by a bedside or at a doorway, the SafePresence® Wireless motion detector is ideal for use in a small facility or in a person’s own home, is simple to use and can be set up in minutes.

Position Where Needed:

Works at the bedside, doorway or hallway.

Infrared Technology:

No cords, clips or sensor pads required.

Convenient Monitoring Options:

Eight alarm tones to help caregivers differentiate between patients

Sets Up in Minutes:

Easy for staff to train and test.

Alerts Where Needed:

Bedside alerts can be silenced with remote wireless alerts to caregiver receiver. Low and high volume settings at the bedside.

Mains or Battery Power

Various mounting options available.