TABS® sets the standard in fall management for hospitals

TABS® is an effective solution for individuals at risk of falls. Monitoring options are available for chairs, wheelchairs, bed and toilet. Every patient is unique, so we offer a range of models and features for individualised patient care plans.

Our TABS® monitors integrate with a wide range of high quality sensor pads. A complete line of disposable, sealed and multi-use pads are available. Please visit with your sales expert to help determine the best options for your facility.

Please consider incorporating high quality TABS® monitors supported by our experienced staff at Turun UK Ltd. in your fall prevention strategy.

Value Proposition of TABS Fall Monitors:

Restraint Free

Use of non-restrictive sensor pads for chair, bed, and wheelchair, above or below the mattress.

Single-Patient Use

Help maintain infection control with a disposable 14-day sensor pad.

Multi-Patient Use Sensor Pads

Discrete Antibacterial Bed & Chair Sensor Pads

Reminds Patient to Call for Assistance

Custom voice feature helps eliminate staff-to-patient language barriers.

Custom Mounting

Variety of mounting options available for use with beds, chairs, wheelchairs, and in toilets.

Helps reduce “One-to-One” costs

Helps improve staff efficiency and point-of-care monitoring of the patient.

Standalone or Integration

Use the TABS monitor as standalone, or integrate to our wireless pager or your nursecall.

Bespoke Training Program

Tailored Training, Inspection, Maintenance & Service programs to maximize your return on investment.