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Perfect Floor Mat For You

At Turun UK Ltd. we know that your fall reduction efforts are too important to depend on floor sensor mats that don’t last. If you are tired of replacing expensive floor pads then our SafePresence TreadNought® Floor Sensor Mat is the perfect floor mat for you.

Built to Last

The TreadNought® Floor Sensor Mat is antibacterial and built to last with a rugged construction that far outlasts the competition without added expense.

Connects Easily To Most Nurse Call Systems

Our floor mat connects easily to most nurse call systems or remote sounders and can be placed at the bedside, doorway or other locations to activate the nurse call system when a fall risk resident or patient steps onto the sensor.

Available For Immediate Shipment To Most Places

Most nurse call connections are available for immediate shipment for your convenience. Optional anti-slip mesh reduces the potential for slippage on hard surface floors.