Telecare Solutions

SAFENBED™ Alert System

Be there when help is needed

Regardless of age, most people need 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night. As we age, though, sleep becomes more fitful. Experts say that as early as the age of 40, the number of nocturnal awakenings start to increase. Many people get up during the night to use the facilities or to take medication with no adverse consequences.


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SafePresence® Passive Infrared Monitor

Help improve safety with the SafePresence® Passive Infrared Monitor. This unit works by detecting a patient’s movement and sounding a local alarm or transmitting an alert to a remote receiver carried by a caregiver. The unit can be installed to monitor a bed or doorway. For detailed installation instructions for your application, please visit with your sales representative.


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SafePresence® 200 for Falls, Wandering & Communication

The SafePresence® 200 for Falls, Wandering & Communication is a versatile product that allows you to be out of the room and still in touch with the person in your care. Easy voice-to-voice communication means you can respond quickly to patient needs while taking care of daily chores and responsibilities.


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