Bed and Chair Sensor Pads

Safepresence® 14 Day DISPOSABLE Bed and Chair Pads

The SURE® 14 Day DISPOSABLE sensor pads can play a critical role in your infection management programme. SURE sensor pads are single patient use sensor pads and is intended to be discarded after 14 days of use. This greatly reduces the risk of contamination across use by multiple patients.

Benefits & Features:

  • Single patient use to help prevent contamination.
  • Certified for up to 14 days. Much longer than the average patient stay.
  • Latex free, available for bed or chair.
  • Compatible with most 4 and 6 pin nurse call systems.

SafePresence® Disposable Bed Sensor Pad

14 Day Disposable bed sensor pad, measuring 768mm (L) x 252mm (H), for use above the mattress.


SafePresence® Disposable Chair Sensor Pad

14 Day Disposable chair sensor pad, measuring 378mm (L)x 182mm (H), for use with chairs and wheelchairs.

SafePresence® Fully Sealed Bed and Chair Pads

SafePresence® Bed Sensor Pads can play a critical role in your infection management programme.

SafePresence® sensor pads help work with mostconventional healthcare-style mattresses, are anti-bacterial, and hermetically sealed allowing  for disinfection. 

Features and Benefts:

  • Costs less over time.
  • Sealed to prevent fluid penetration.
  • Time effcient and convenient for staff during bed linen changes and adjustments.

These sensor pads work with most conventional healthcare-style mattresses. The pads are antibacterial and come with a 1-year limited warranty. They are ideal for third party integration or
used with our fall monitoring solutions. Bed-exit monitor sold separately.

SafePresence® Fully Sealed Bed Sensor Pads

Foldable antibacterial bed sensor pad, measuring 761mm (L) x 391mm (H), for use above or below the mattress.

SafePresence® Fully Sealed Chair Sensor Pads

Also available as a chair pad, measuring 382mm (L) x 306mm (H), for use with traditional chairs and wheelchairs.