Catch-All™ Door Alarms

Catch-All™ non-selective door alarms alert staff whenever an unauthorized person opens a door monitored by a Catch-All alarm. Catch-All alarms are easy to install and are an economical solution for doors when complete traffic control is desired. They are often used at remote locations that are not clearly visible or accessible by staff. Catch-All alarms can also be integrated with WanderGuard wired and wireless remote annunciators.

Standard Features

  • Power indicator light
  • Audible security alarm
  • Reset and bypass operation
  • Plug-in 12 VAC transformer
  • Magnetic switch
  • Complete hardware & instructions

Options and Accessories

  • Digital timer
  • Durable acrylic bumper guards
  • WanderGuard remote annunciators (wired and wireless models)
  • Wireless transmitters and repeaters

Reset/Bypass Options

Model 20010: Digital Keypad Reset: Alarm is reset using a 3-digit keypad code.

Model 20020: Digital Reset/Remote Push Button Reset. Alarm is reset using a 3-digit keypad code. Allows alarm to be reset from a remote location.

Model 20030: Keyed Reset: Alarm is reset with the use of a key.

Model 20040: Digital Keypad Reset & Keyed On/Off Function: Alarm is reset using a 3-digit keypad code. A key is used to turn the system on or off.