FallsX® Fall Monitors

Affordable and Easy-To-Use

FallsX® monitors are affordable and easy-to-use systems that alert caregivers when someone at risk for falls leaves a bed or chair. Both models, the FallsX Professional Monitor and the FallsX Infrared Bedside Monitor, offer the flexibility you need to select the monitoring method that is appropriate for the person in your care.

All-In-One Solution

The FallsX Professional Fall Monitor offers a sensor pad alternative and is an all-in-one solution for use with a bed pad, chair pad, floor pad or with the cord & clip. The cord & clip option is particularly helpful for use in a toilet and/or with clients who may be restless and constantly turning in a bed or chair.

Reduce The Risk of Falls

The monitor is designed to help reduce the risk of falls in care homes when staff have identified a client as a high risk of failing from a bed, chair, toilet, wheelchair, or potentially wandering out of a room at night.

50% Smaller and Lighter

The new FallsX Professional Monitor is almost 50% smaller and lighter than its predecessor, whilst retaining all the features and much more. The monitor is fully portable and plug & play. It can be deployed as standalone or integrated with most nurse call systems. The programmable voice message allows for a tailored message to be recorded by either staff or loved ones, offering reassurance that help is at hand.

Bed & Chair Sensor Pads