FallsX® InfraRed Monitor

The FallsX® InfraRed Monitor

Uses infrared detection technology to help reduce the risk of falls. A FallsX InfraRed Bedside monitor is mounted by the bed. When a person at risk for falls leave the bed, they break the infrared beam and the monitor sounds an alert. Sensor pads or cord and clip assemblies are not required.

Choose between a local beeping or chime alert or connect FallsX Infrared Monitors to your nurse call system for remote alerts. The FallsX® InfraRed Monitor comes with a C-clamp and Velcro strips for easy mounting on the bed frame or on the headboard or footboard of the bed. An optional sturdy extension bracket is also available’

Use FallsX InfraRed Monitors for room security

For individual room security, mount the FallsX Infrared Monitor in the doorway. The alert will sound whenever anyone enters or exits the room.


  • Beep or chime local alarm tones
  • Silent remote alarm option when connected to nurse call system
  • Powered by standard 9-volt battery or optional mains power adaptor
  • Mounts easily to bed frame, headboard or footboard
  • Low Battery Alert
  • One-year limited warranty