Royal Surrey County Hospital Introduces HUGS, #1 baby tagging system

Outstanding protection for infants at The Royal Surrey County Hospital

STANLEY Healthcare is proud to announce that HugsTM, its infant protection baby tagging solution, has been adopted by The Royal Surrey County Hospital’s maternity and paediatric units. Infant protection is a necessity for every hospital for the wellbeing of infants and parents. The Hugs solution is a comprehensive electronic baby tagging system that provides multiple layers of security for each infant, with timely notification to allow staff to act quickly if needed.

With around 3,000 deliveries per year, The Royal Surrey County Hospital is a busy unit for maternity and paediatrics. Jacqui Tingle, Divisional Head of Nursing and Deputy Head of Women and Children’s Health, said “Our priority is for the safety of our mothers and their babies. The Royal Surrey is proud to now offer this added safety experience for those using its services with an even greater enhancement to our already ‘outstanding’ QCC rating for the department. This system also fits with our Trust values of enhancing levels of care and continuously improving our services.”The Hugs solution offers its advanced functionality through simple, well-designed applications with automated features, intuitive task-based software, and multiple alerting options. Hugs security features include exit notification (alarms when the tag passes through an open door without authorisation), cut band or tamper technology (alarms when the Hugs band is damaged or cut without authorisation), and supervision (the tag is monitored at all times).

Hugs is the most widely deployed electronic infant protection solution, with a well-earned reputation for reliable security, ease of use and flexibility to adapt to existing workflows. This midwife-driven technology further complements The Royal Surrey’s Maternity Department’s ‘outstanding’ CQC rating for their nursing practice and security policies. Hugs tags are reusable; they are secured around the infant’s ankle or wrist using a special disposable band. The system sends alerts directly to caregivers and facilitates the easy transfer of infants between areas of the hospital for smoother workflow and uninterrupted security. It also provides tangible proof to parents that their infants are safe and secure. The end result is a solution that supports clinical and security workflow.

Kelly Smith, Clinical Services Manager at STANLEY Healthcare, manufacturer of the Hugs system, commented, “No other infant security provider matches the features of the Hugs system. I have helped hundreds of hospitals successfully launch patient security systems.As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hugs, STANLEY Healthcare is proud to add The Royal Surrey County Hospital to our customer base. The hospital team has been extremely receptive in accommodating this added safety layer to their everyday practices.”

Kevin Smith, Senior Solutions Manager, Patient Security at STANLEY Healthcare added, “Our By Your Side customer care commitment means that The Royal Surrey County Hospital has access to 24 hour support and ongoing clinical education for their system to ensure they achieve success and realise the full value of their investment.”

The Hugs solution at The Royal Surrey is being installed by Turun UK Ltd, the authorised UK distributor of Hugs on behalf of STANLEY Healthcare. Pedro Pereira, Managing Director of Turun commented, “The Royal Surrey County Hospital researched the market for a reliable, scalable and fully supported baby tagging system using the latest technology in the market. Hugs was chosen as the solution to help the hospital’s maternity and paediatric wards protect their patients. The Royal Surrey joins a growing group of UK hospitals that have adopted Hugs because it helps meets safety and governance standards and will grow as the hospital expands into the future.”

About Turun UK Ltd.

Turun is a leading NHS patient safety supplier, specialising in infant protection, falls and wandering prevention products. Turun provides a turn-key solution, used by many hospitals in the UK to help ensure patient safety, from newborns to the elderly.

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