Stealth® Sensor Pads


Intelligently designed to meet the needs of long-term care facilities.

When monitoring for fall risk, use an intelligent sensor pad that works below the mattress. The STEALTH® Sensor Pad is more comfortable for your residents. Because there is no direct contact with patients, it helps lower infection risk and does not interfere with treatment of pressure injuries.

Benefits of Stealth:

Infection Management: Away from infectious bodily fluids when under therapeutic surfaces. 

Skin Integrity: Does not impede the function of therapeutic mattresses and cushions.

Nursing Time: Requires less nursing time to maintain and position

Quality of Life: Removes a frequent cause of patient discomfort

Durability and overall cost: Less handling and repositioning results in less user caused damage


Stealth® Slip Resistant Chair Pad Version Also Available

Reduce Infection Risk with a fall sensor pad that works under therapeutic cushions.


Benefits of Stealth:

More comfortable: Does not come into direct contact with the patient.

Under the cushion: Easy to setup and test; less wear and tear on cord and pad.

Better and easier infection risk management: Positioned away from bodily fluids.

Anti-slip material: Helps reduce slippage on both sides.

Saves nursing time: Less time spent repositioning and disinfecting pads.

Works with most fall monitors: Four-pin and six-pin pigtail adaptors available.