Stealth® Sensor Pads

The Answer to Better Fall Management is Hidden Under the Mattress or Cushion.

When monitoring for fall risk, use a smart sensor pad that adjusts itself to work under the mattress or cushion. The STEALTH® Under Mattress & Chair Pads provides your patients with better comfort and tissue integrity as well as improved infection risk management.

Because the STEALTH® is under the mattress or cushion it is:

  • Out of the way of bodily functions
  • Does not degrade pressure relief function of mattress
  • More comfortable for patients than traditional over the mattress sensor pads.
STEALTH® Bed Pad goes under the mattress
Saves Time:

  • Saves time. Does not need to be repositioned multiple times a day
  • 18 month limited service life on bed, 12 months on chair.
  • Fully sealed, antibacterial, antimicrobial, latex free

Increased Productivity & Efficiency for Staff:

  • Reduces nurse calls from patients discomforted by above mattress sensor pads
  • Requires less handling by nurses; reduces risk of breakage
  • Helps facilities reduce infection risk and meet infection control standards
  • Works on most beds, including alternating air mattresses
STEALTH® Chair Pad goes under the cushion
Helps compliance with:

  • Infection control
  • Tissue viability
  • Patient comfort
STEALTH® Chair Pad goes under the wheelchair cushion