The Portland Hospital, London, Selects and Implements Patient Security Solutions from Stanley Healthcare Solutions


Infant and Child Security Solutions Serve the Hospital’s Most Vulnerable Patients

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., October 30, 2012 – Stanley Healthcare Solutions announced today that The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, in London, England, has selected and implemented the company’s Patient Security solutions to help protect newborn patients and children.

The hospital is using the Hugs™ infant protection system with Kisses™ mother/infant matching, as well as the Passport™ patient protection system.

These applications are part of Stanley Healthcare’s Patient Security platform, and share a common device and communication network.

The Hugs and Passport solutions are deployed across all nine floors of The Portland Hospital and have been integrated with a range of other security systems, including access control equipment, elevators and video surveillance systems. Stanley Healthcare’s Hugs solution is in use at more than 1,200 hospitals worldwide to help protect infants from the potential threat of abduction; with the Kisses option, hospitals also receive an electronic means to properly match infants with their mothers in support of traditional matching ID bands.

The Passport solution is specifically designed to protect children from abduction or patient flight. It offers unique features such as a tamper-resistant tag with cutresistant band, the ability to remove the tag for medical procedures and then reattach it with the same band, and a customizable “whiteboard” to help manage the patient census.

“We are very pleased with our implementation of Stanley Healthcare’s Hugs, Kisses and Passport solutions. The deployment was rapid and straightforward and included educational support to ensure we were able to fully integrate the solution into our daily workflow and realize optimal benefits,” said Alexandra Newton, Operations Manager at The Portland Hospital. “With these patient security solutions in place, we are advancing our commitment to clinical excellence.”

Building on its success, The Portland Hospital is already planning to expand the Stanley Healthcare products into a new Day Case area currently under construction on the ground floor.

“We are proud to be partnering with The Portland Hospital for Women and Children to help protect its newborn patients and children,” said Eric Devineau, Vice President of European Sales at Stanley Healthcare Solutions. “Our goal is to enable healthcare organizations worldwide to transform safety, security and operational efficiency – the Hugs, Kisses and Passport solutions deliver proven performance to help hospitals protect their most vulnerable patients.”

The Portland Hospital is the only private hospital in the United Kingdom entirely dedicated to women and children, and it is internationally renowned for its clinical excellence. The Patient Security solutions at the hospital were implemented by Turun UK Ltd., a Stanley Healthcare Solutions partner.

To learn more about Patient Security solutions, visit Stanley Healthcare Solutions in booth #7 at RFID Journal Live Europe, October 30, in London, England.

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