WanderGuard® BLUE

Elopement management made elegant, simple and affordable.


When it comes to wander management, WanderGuard® BLUE offers more: Elegant design. Streamlined installation and configuration. Simpler day-to-day management. Plus the ability to implement both wander management and general access control—and the opportunity to leverage the Arial® Emergency Call Platform for integrated wander management alerts and sophisticated reporting and audit capabilities.


  • Elegant Design

    Unlike many legacy systems, WanderGuard BLUE is designed to detect, avoid, and overcome interference. What’s more, it requires minimal wiring and only a small number of sleek and elegant solution components. What will stand out to residents and families is freedom of movement and peace of mind not the equipment that makes it all possible.

  • Easy Installation and Configuration

    Whether a care home has 10 doors or 100, WanderGuard BLUE makes it faster and easier to get started. Using the WanderGuard BLUE Manager mobile app on a tablet, installation can be completed in about half the time as with a traditional solution. Implementation relies on swipes and taps no need to use a laptop, physically plug into controllers, interpret overly complicated wiring diagrams or manipulate a host of dip switches.

  • Unparalleled Ease of Use

    WanderGuard BLUE enables individual codes and makes it easy to change the user population and keep the community secure without disrupting day-to-day operations. Tag testing is another area where WanderGuard BLUE breaks new ground. WanderGuard BLUE’s wireless detector makes it possible to check tag status and battery level simply by walking near a tagged resident making testing fast, efficient and unobtrusive.

  • More for Less

    While you might assume that you would pay more to get more, that isn’t the case with WanderGuard BLUE. Its pricing is far more favorable than most legacy systems making world-class wander management affordable and accessible to senior living communities of virtually any size.


WanderGuard BLUE Components

WanderGuard BLUE Tag

90-Day or Three Year Tag Signals Controller to Lock Monitored Door

The WanderGuard BLUE Tag is a component of the WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management Solution for monitoring facility doors and preventing at-risk resident wandering. The resident typically wears the WanderGuard BLUE Tag on the wrist like a bracelet.

The WanderGuard BLUE Tag signals the WanderGuard BLUE EX5700 Controller that it is in field. The Controller issues an alarm and can lock a monitored door so that an at-risk resident wearing the Tag cannot leave through the door.

Key Features:

  • Each tag has a unique electronic serial number for identification.
  • Activated wirelessly by the WanderGuard BLUE Detector.
  • Tag data can be viewed in WanderGuard BLUE Manager.
  • Multiple tags can be simultaneously activated.
  • Standard wristbands are provided. Resilient and comfortable, cutproof Securaband™ wristbands are optional.
  • Smooth surface permits easy sterilization and prevents harboring of bacteria.
  • Waterproof – IP67-compliant.
  • One of the smallest and lightest tags on the market. Worn like a bracelet. Signals the Controller when an at-risk resident approaches and can lock a monitored door.

WanderGuard BLUE Detector

Small Hand-held Device for Efficient Multi-Tag Management

The WanderGuard BLUE Detector is a component of the new WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management Solution for monitoring facility doors and preventing at-risk resident wandering. The Detector is used to detect and activate Tags and check their battery level. It also enables tags to be visible in WanderGuard BLUE Manager.

Key Features:

  • Using wireless technology, the WanderGuard BLUE Detector can detect up to 80 STANLEY Healthcare WanderGuard BLUE Tags simultaneously.  The LF (low frequency) range of the Detector transmitter is from 0.30 meters (0.98 feet) to 0.50 meters (1.64 feet). It receives BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signals from the Tags.
  • Outfitted with three multicolored LEDs that indicate when the device is ON/OFF, Tag battery status and Detector LF signal status.
  • Triggers Tags in its LF range to begin transmitting BLE messages, allowing the Tag to be identified and displayed in the WanderGuard BLUE Manager.
  • Supplied with a one-meter micro-USB cable to connect its micro-USB port to a PC or power outlet for purposes of recharging.
  • Any staff member can quickly and easily verify the Tag battery status without disturbing a resident or forcing them to walk to a door/exciter. Simply hold the Detector near the Tag. A Green or Red LED indicates the battery status.

WanderGuard BLUE EX5700 Door Controller

Robust and Sophisticated Egress Point Monitoring with Optional Door Locking

The EX5700 Door Controller is the main component of the new WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management Solution for monitoring facility doors and preventing at-risk resident wandering. Typically installed above or beside a doorway, the Controller transmits low frequency (LF) signals that cover the exit area. If a resident wearing a WanderGuard BLUE Tag enters the Controller’s field, the Tag transmits a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) message to the Controller. The Controller issues an alert and can also lock the door.

Key Features:

  • The EX5700 Controller wirelessly identifies Tags within its LF range and immediately locks the door. All processing is done locally in the Controller to ensure a quick response.
  • Easy Installation – Includes mounting options for various infrastructures.
  • Controller settings can be conveniently configured through the WanderGuard BLUE Manager, a dedicated tablet-based mobile application.
  • Staff or authorized visitors can key in special codes at Indoor/Outdoor Keypads to enter or exit the controlled area. Tailgating is prevented.
  • Two built-in relays can be used to lock/unlock the door and enunciate an alarm.
  • Optional LF Antenna for added coverage.
  • Optional Slave Exciter for added coverage.

WanderGuard BLUE Manager Application

Identifies and Displays Controller and Tag Data and Enables Easy Controller Configuration

The WanderGuard BLUE Manager is a tablet-based dedicated mobile application used to configure the EX5700 Controller. After establishing BLE communication with the Controller, the Controller’s configuration information is displayed in the application. The configuration can be modified and saved back to the Controller.

Key Features:

  • Scan for in-range devices to have their data displayed on the screen.
  • Make changes in the application and upload to the Controller.
  • Configurations can be copied to other Controllers.
  • Sync tablet and Controller time.
  • Triggers commands to the Controller such as:
    • Start/End Night Mode
    • Start/End Override
    • Restart and Restore to default.


WanderGuard BLUE Indoor Keypad

Enables Exit / Entry of Staff and Visitors through a Monitored Door by Keying in a Dedicated PIN Code

The WanderGuard BLUE Indoor Keypad (K100) is a component of the WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management Solution for monitoring facility doors and preventing at-risk resident wandering. Staff and visitors key in a dedicated four-digit code to enter or exit through the controlled door. The Indoor Keypad is typically installed in an easily accessible location adjacent to the controlled door and at hand-height.

Key Features:

  • Simple to operate – Enter a pre-defined four-digit code to unlock the monitored door.
  • No external power source is necessary (but external power can be used).
  • Digital display to easily view the Controller’s status, events and access attempt feedback.
  • Function keys for access and alarm reset.
  • The Indoor Keypad is connected to the Door Controller and receives information about status and events. It also sends PIN codes to the Controller.
  • Can work in parallel with an Outdoor Keypad.
  • Two LED Indicators – One indicates Controller status and mode; the other indicates errors and communication issues.


 WanderGuard BLUE Outdoor Keypad

Convertible Anti-Vandal Backlit 3×4 PIN Reader / Controller

This sturdy access control unit provides a rugged keypad with advanced access control features in an aesthetically-designed housing. It offers programmable PIN transmission formats, LED control and tamper detection, providing extra security and flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Design – Smooth and attractive with all-weather outdoor operation
  • Keypad – Large, highly-visible blue backlit keypad