We are TurunUK

We are an experienced healthcare leader of patient safety products & services, headquartered in London. Our mission is to improve affordable fall safety in healthcare by enhancing timely nurse awareness of patient risk. We are at our best when our products reduce injuries while giving back to nurses quality time to spend on patients.

In today’s hospital and long-term care environments, requirements are more stringent, systems are more complex, and the challenges facing facilities are more real than ever. We partner with you, to help you meet these challenges. We have assembled an outstanding team, all experienced, qualified, disciplined, focused, and determined to help you achieve your goal.

You can depend on us for innovative and easy to use solutions, designed to improve quality, safety, productivity and patient experience in your facility. We are confident we have the solution for you, from patient safety, asset management to staff protection, and so much more.

We’re a leader in every one of these key safety applications, with a wealth of experience to our credit, and a proven line of brand names you can trust. We welcome the opportunity to tell you our story.

When we introduced the revolutionary intelligent under surface sensor pad for fall risk monitoring five years ago, we stepped away from selling Tabs® fall monitors and WanderGuard® departure alert systems.

Since 2018, TurunUK Ltd. has sold the time-saving Stealth Sensor Pad. It is sold only by us and our affiliated company in the US. We also exclusively sell the SafePresence® single patient use 30-day sensor pad and a traditional sealed one-year SafePresence® sensor pad to the NHS. Another key product is the SaferWalkingTM departure alert system that is sold to UK hospitals.

TurunUK was founded by Senior Technology Inc. in 1995 to market its fall and wanderer risk products for patient safety. When Senior Technologies was sold to Stanley Black and Decker in 2002, Turun became independent, initially purchasing Tabs® and WanderGuard® products from Stanley.

So far as we are aware, Stanley has not sold Tabs® monitors since 2019. Stanley recently sold its entire healthcare business to a large Swedish company.

TurunUK Ltd continues as the leading falls and wandering risk monitoring company in the UK. Based in London, we are committed to providing the UK with risk reducing, cost-saving patient safety products.

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