Fall Monitors

SURE® and TABS® are effective solutions for individuals at risk of falls. Monitoring options are available for chairs, wheelchairs, bed and toilet.

The SURE® Intelligent Monitor is different. It has sockets for two sensor pads and it can be part of a non-pager option in 2021 — when pagers will be eliminated in the NHS. With a wireless connection to handheld devices, the SURE® Monitor establishes its own communication system.

Our monitors are used with a wide range of high-quality sensor pads. A complete line of single-use and long-lasting under-mattress/cushion Stealth® pads are available.

The SURE® Monitor is also an essential component for our optional nursing informatics system scheduled for release in early 2020.

The SURE® Monitor is available until the end of 2019 at the same price as the TABS® Monitor.

Features of SURE® & TABS® Fall Monitors:

  • Interchangeable Custom Mounting

    Mounting options for use with beds, chairs, wheelchairs, and in toilets can be used with either monitor.

  • Helps reduce “One-to-One” costs


  • Standalone or Integration

    Use either monitor as standalone, or integrate to our wireless pager or your nurse call.

  • Bespoke Training Program

    Tailored Training, Inspection, Maintenance & Service programs to maximize your return on investment.

SURE® or TABS® Monitor



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