Fall Monitors

We are pleased to announce our new range of fall monitor options at new competitive prices. We will continue supporting, servicing, repairing and providing training for all TABS® monitors for the foreseeable future. We look forward to showcasing our new generation of products, so please contact us at 0800 038 3513 for an appointment to see the future of TurunUK.

Almost Future-Proof


This monitor offers the full functionality of a TABS® Monitor with an extra pad socket. The microprocessor and mesh network are capable of providing silent operation and detailed informatics when used with STEALTH® Sensor Pads and a subscription agreement.


The updated replacement for TABs®. Our SafePresence® Professional is capable of monitoring two sensor pads simultaneously from one monitor. It is cost effective, user friendly, has 8 different alarm tones and works with all TurunUK sensor pads.


The cost-effective cord and clip monitor for bathrooms that's convenient and accessible when you need it. It is a dedicated solution that stays in the bathroom. Contains a wipeable clip and cord for easy decontamination and offers the patients a sense of independence in the bathroom.


Bed & Chair
Mounting Bracket
SURE® Wall Bracket

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