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Turun Promotes New Stealth Sensor Pads at a Major European Event

Company representatives began traveling throughout Europe on the 8th and 9th of May to promote the company's new Stealth™ Under Mattress and Under Cushion Sensor Pads at the EU Falls Festival. The STEALTH™ Under Mattress Sensor Pad is more comfortable for your residents. Because there is no direct contact with patients, it helps lower infection risk […]

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New Stealth Under Sensor Pads - Success Story

"The main reason we needed a bed sensor for a hospital bed and air flow mattress is that there has not been one on the market available to us. We need to limit the stock we have so we needed a sensor that covers a wide range of bed and mattress types. We needed a […]

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Excellent Work At St George’s

I wanted to pass on my thanks for your excellent work here at St George’s last week. We were all pleased at how smoothly the installation went, in spite of the very short timeframe, and less than ideal IT infrastructure, and the system is going to be a fantastic addition to our organisation. We are […]

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