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FallsX® monitors are affordable and easy-to-use systems that alert caregivers when someone at risk for falls leaves a bed or chair. The monitor is designed to help reduce the risk of falls in care homes when the staff has identified a client as a high risk of falling from a bed, chair, toilet, wheelchair, or potentially wandering out of a room at night.

FallsX® InfraRed Monitor

The FallsX® InfraRed Monitor uses infrared detection technology to help reduce the risk of falls. A FallsX InfraRed Bedside monitor is mounted by the bed. When a person at risk for falls leaves the bed, they break the infrared beam and the monitor sounds an alert.

Floor Sensor Pad

Our floor sensor connects easily to most nurse call systems or remote sounders and can be placed at the bedside, doorway or other locations to activate the nurse call system when a fall risk resident or patient steps onto the sensor.

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