TABS® Fall Monitors
The solution for fall management in hospitals.
TABS® 14-day disposable sensor pads
Discrete Antibacterial Bed & Chair Sensor Pads.
SafePresence® Sensor Pads
Multi-use antibacterial bed and chair sensor pads for above & below the mattress.
RoamAlert® Wander Alert
The RoamAlert® system offers the most comprehensive security for patients at risk of elopement.
HUGS™ Infant Protection
Trusted by hundreds of hospitals worldwide, the Hugs™ system offers the reliability that you and your staff can depend on every day to keep your infants safe.
These RTLS solutions provide visibility into the location, status and condition of assets, patients and staff throughout all departments of a hospital or healthcare organization.
FallsX® Fall Monitors
Our NEW all-in-one low-cost and easy-to-use fall monitor for use in care homes.
TreadNought® Floor Sensor Pad
A durable, antibacterial floor sensor pad compatible with most nurse call systems.
SafePresence® 200 for Falls, Wandering & Communication
Allows you to be out of the room and still in touch with the person in your care.

When safety and security is your concern, quality counts

Solutions for patients, staff & equipment in every part of your facility

Security & Protection
  • Infant Security
  • Patient Elopement
  • Pediatric & Patient Security
  • Staff Attack
  • Facility Security
Supply Chain & Asset Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Management
Patient Safety
  • Hand Hygiene Monitoring
  • Falls Prevention
  • Telecare Solutions
Environmental Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Humidity Monitoring
Clinical Operations & Work Flow
  • Clinic Patient Flow
  • Staff Workflow